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Dr. George Salem, more than just a dentist in Braintree, Massachusetts

Dr. George Salem

Dr. Salem PosingDr. Salem began practicing dentistry in 1984 in a large dental practice named Dedicated Dental Service. After five years, it was time to venture out and build a practice that was exceptional in every way, from the highest quality of care, to the most advanced technology, extraordinary service, uncommon conveniences and exceptional patient comfort. So, in January of 1989, Dr. George Salem and Associates actually began as Dr. George Salem and one assistant waiting for the phone to ring.

Since then, the growth of our practice and the advancement of the technology that we utilize have proceeded at a rapid pace. At every quantum leap in technology, we have researched these advancements and incorporated them into our practice. Likewise, we have provided ever higher levels of patient comfort and conveniences along with these advancements in hard technology. We have never forgotten that it is the human touch that is most important at all times.  

Examination RoomAs we were found by increasingly greater numbers of patients, we added multiple specialists to provide the highest level of care to our patients under one roof. When dual income families became the norm, we added evening and Saturday appointments so that our patients would not have to miss work to have access to excellent dental care. Dr. Salem always believed that every patient should thoroughly understand their dental condition, the treatment options available and the expected results before any treatment was undertaken. So we added intra-oral fiber optic cameras in every treatment room so that we can display clear images of each of our patient's own teeth on high-resolution monitors for their observation. When implants became a viable and in fact, superior method to replace missing teeth, we began providing the surgical placement of implants as well as the restoration of implants, all within our practice.

Our practice continued to grow as patients found the combination of our exceptionally high quality of care, extraordinary patient comforts and meaningful conveniences truly unique. Indeed, within six years of beginning our practice, we had grown into the top 1% of all practices in the nation with respect to the size of our patient following and the number of procedures we completed. Presently, we are responsible for the oral health of over four thousand families and we are intensely committed to providing highly personalized oral health care to each and every one of them. To this day, Dr. Salem himself will call patients back to discuss their questions and concerns if they so desire. All of our doctors abide by this personalized type of doctor-patient relationship so uncommon in today's world.

Waiting Room

Dr. Salem and our staff have grown right along with the advancements of our practice. If you read Dr. Salem's biography in the About Us page of this web site you can understand his commitment to constantly staying on the cutting edge of dental care. Dr. Salem has taught hundreds of Tufts dental students, lectured to dentists and patient groups, published over a dozen articles in national and international dental journals, invented and patented a dental device and has served as a consultant to national corporations both inside and outside of dentistry. He continues to serve the public with public service activities such as providing Toothprints® to hundreds of children free of charge.

Lab Equipment

We are fortunate to have the services of several board certified specialists within our practice. Board certified specialists have completed the study of voluminous academic and clinical material and undergone intense testing beyond the normal specialty training to emerge as leaders within their respective specialties. These high level specialists provide an exceptional service to our patients.

The advancement of our practice for the benefit of our patients will never cease. For example, we now utilize digital x-rays as they reduce radiation by as much as 90% while providing much greater diagnostic information for our doctors as well as more understandable images for our patients. Recently, we began utilizing one of the first surgical dental microscopes in the region for various procedures where high-level magnification can enhance treatment success.

Corporate America has also contributed to the advancement of oral health care and we as a practice have embraced these advancements for the benefit of our patients. Examples of these advancements are BriteSmile® in-office teeth whitening, LifeLike® at-home tray whitening, Lumineers® porcelain veneers, Invisalign® invisible orthodontics and Nobel Biocare® as well as 3i® implant systems.

The future will undoubtedly provide ever better methods, materials and techniques for dentists to utilize. Our practice is committed to providing these advancements for the benefit of our patients and our community.

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