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Replace Old Fillings Before They Come Loose

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Replace Old Fillings Before They Come Loose

Chances are, you’ve probably had a cavity at least once in your life. If you’ve had a cavity, then you likely have a filling. Depending on the type of filling you received, there’s a chance it may need to be replaced at some point in your life. Your dentists at Dr. George Salem and Associates in Braintree, MA, can take a look at your old fillings and determine if it’s time for them to be replaced to keep your tooth intact and healthy.

Should Old Fillings Be Replaced?

Over time dental technology has advanced and new procedures and methods have been developed. Silver amalgam was once the standard for fillings but has been replaced by tooth-colored fillings. Old fillings can begin to deteriorate over time, which leaves your tooth at risk for infection or decay. In order to avoid your tooth deteriorating, your dentists in Braintree, MA, will want to replace your filling with something more sustainable for your smile.

Another reason your dentist may recommend replacing an old filling is if a new cavity appears underneath or at the edge of a previous filling. Teeth with fillings in them are still susceptible to cavities and decay and so when a new cavity appears, it’s time to replace the old filling to keep the tooth secure and protected.

A filling should also be replaced if it’s cracked, there’s a small opening at the edge of the filling, it has become loose,  or if there’s a crack in the tooth around the filling. It is important to keep your tooth healthy and free of further damage or decay.

Contact Your Dentist Today!

Take care of your teeth by replacing any old fillings that may have been damaged over time. Contact your dentists at Dr. George Salem and Associates in Braintree, MA, to find out if you need a filling replaced. Call today at 781-843-0660 to schedule your apointment.

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