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By George Salem and Associates, PC
June 21, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Do you practice good oral hygiene habits? Are you really sure of what they should be? Your our oral hygieneBraintree, MA dentists, Dr. George Salem and Associates, teach their patients the right ways to care for their teeth and gums. After all, your smile affects your personal appearance, self-esteem, oral function and your systemic health, too. Preserving all of these is what preventive dentistry is all about.

What should you do on a daily basis?

It's no surprise that you should brush and floss every day, but do you do these oral hygiene practices correctly? First off, the American Dental Association (ADA) advises you brush your teeth and gums with a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste twice a day and to floss with the flossing product of your choice once a day. Also, the ADA says you should brush for at least two minutes and that your flossing routine should take at least that long--maybe more as needed.

Dr. George Salem and Associates totally agree with this sound advice. They add that children through senior adults should:

  • Eat a high-calcium and high-fiber diet every day. Eliminate as much starch and processed sugars as possible as a high-carb diet encourages the formation of soft plaque and hard tartar, both of which harbor harmful bacteria.
  • Drink several glasses of water a day. Water washes tooth and gum surfaces and increases saliva with its antibacterial enzymes.
  • Restrict in between meal snacking.
  • Chew sugarless gum (with Xylitol).

With just a bit of discipline, your daily hygiene habits will keep your smile bright and strong.

What else can you do for a great smile?

Dr. Salem and his team ask their patients to come in for oral exams and cleanings every six months. Your dentist in Braintree will carefully inspect your mouth for:

  • Signs of decay and gum disease
  • The condition of restorations such as fillings and crowns
  • Signs of oral cancer, treatable if found in its earliest stages
  • Signs of tooth misalignment, bruxism (teeth grinding) and TMJ (jaw joint) dysfunction

Your hygienist will scale your teeth to remove the plaque and tartar your toothbrush misses, and she will polish your teeth with a rotary brush and mildly abrasive toothpaste. The result is a sparkling smile that looks clean and feels refreshed.


Be aware of how your teeth and gums look and feel on a daily basis. This should be part of your oral hygiene routine. If you notice any pain, sensitivity or soreness, a change in the fit of a denture, bleeding, bad breath that doesn't go away, or any chips in enamel, fillings or crowns, please contact the office right away. Small dental health problems are most easily treated when you alert your dentist immediately.

If you haven't scheduled your six-month check-up and cleaning, why not do so today? Please call Dr. George Salem and Associates at (781) 843-0660.


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