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By George Salem and Associates, PC
October 08, 2020
Category: Oral Health

Dr. George Salem and Associates in Braintree, MA, offer both traditional braces and discreet Invisalign orthodontics for teens and adults. To know which would suit your smile, let our on-site orthodontist give you the details you require for your best decision.

Who needs braces?

More people than you may realize need orthodontic treatment...millions actually. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) says the optimal time to move teeth into more attractive, functional and healthy alignment is childhood--between ages eight and 14. However, today's older teens and adults start the smile alignment process and do really well with it, particularly if they have treatment options.

So, if you have gaps, overbite, crowding, a crooked midline or other issues, see your dentist at Dr. George Salem and Associates in Braintree, MA. They will do a full orthodontic evaluation and show you a treatment plan to give you a beautiful smile that works.

Do you need traditional braces or Invisalign?

Many individuals who have mild to moderate smile problems qualify for invisible Invisalign aligners. This inventive system has corrected crooked teeth for over 20 years and has many features attractive to the teen or adult patient.

Here's what makes Invisalign so attractive:

  1. The customized aligners are crystal clear. Unlike conventional metal or ceramic braces, there are no obvious wires, brackets or ligatures. Only you and your orthodontist need know you're wearing Invisalign.
  2. Invisalign appliances are smooth, thin and removable. As such, they are very comfortable and non-irritating. Plus, you take them out for meals and to brush and floss. You won't have to change your healthy diet, and you'll care for both your smile and your aligners simply and easily. Just keep your aligners in for 20 to 22 hours daily.
  3. Stop into our Braintree, MA, office once a month to see your dentist and receive your next aligner pairs (there are 18 to 30 in all). Unlike conventional braces, there are no uncomfortable and time-consuming adjustments.
  4. Treatment times vary, but most Invisalign patients complete their care plans in an average of one year. Compare that to the average two and a half years for conventional metal braces.
  5. Each aligner is customized to accomplish a specific task. You'll preview your new Invisalign smile before you begin treatment.

Have a new smile

You can with Invisalign aligners from Dr. George Salem and Associates. Why not come to our Braintree, MA office for a consultation with our experienced dentists? Bring your questions. Phone us at (781) 843-0660.


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