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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Braintree, MA

before and after results of professional teeth whitening Braintree, MA

No matter whether you are about to walk down the aisle, go on the biggest job interview of your life, or just want to spruce up your appearance, these are just some of the reasons so many people are turning to our dental team for teeth whitening. Our dentist Dr. George Salem and his team offer safe and effective in-office teeth whitening that will get you the results you are looking for quickly.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

What makes in-office teeth whitening results so quick and instantly noticeable is the fact that we use a highly concentrated gel that contains powerful whitening chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide. Commercial whitening products may also offer peroxide gels; however, they aren’t nearly as strong as the gels used in our dental office. Furthermore, we shine a laser over the gel once it's applied to the teeth to activate the whitening chemicals. One whitening treatment typically involves three, 15-minute whitening gel applications.

How long will my teeth whitening results last?

How long your whiter smile lasts will depend a lot on you and how you care for your smile. We highly recommend staying away from foods and drinks that could stain your teeth including coffee, wine, tea, berries, dark sauces, and condiments. Furthermore, you want to maintain good oral hygiene and brush twice a day and floss daily to keep your smile looking vibrant. With the proper care, some people have noticed whiter results for up to two years.

Can I get more than one teeth whitening treatment?

If you are happy with your gorgeous new smile then chances are pretty good that you want to keep it. If this is the case then you may want to consider getting subsequent whitening treatments to maintain your new smile. Talk to our Braintree, MA, dentist about how often you should come in to keep up with your results or whether you could benefit from our at-home whitening kit.

Who is a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Those who have yellow surface stains will see the best results. Those with internal stains due to direct trauma or those who have severe stains due to smoking may not respond to professional teeth whitening. Furthermore, teeth whitening only works on natural tooth structures, and won’t whiten dental work such as crowns or fillings.

Ready to get a whiter, more radiant smile with the help of professional teeth whitening? If so, call your Braintree, MA dentist Dr. George Salem and Associates, PC today at (781) 843-0660 to schedule a consultation with our team.

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