Advanced Dental Technology Braintree

Enhanced Comfort & Precision with the Latest Technology

Every day new advancements in the dental field are unveiled that make treatment outcomes more predictable, enhance patient comfort, and offer safer, less-invasive techniques. Our team at Dr. George Salem & Associates, PC has invested in the latest and greatest dental technology available to us here in Braintree, allowing you to enjoy a more positive overall experience at our practice. We invite you to learn more about the instruments we use below.


Digital Dental Impressions

Dentist taking digital impressions of a patients teeth

For our orthodontic cases, we use an iTero digital impression system to ensure that your appliance fits perfectly. This device allows us to wave a wand around your mouth to capture a detailed 3D blueprint that we can then send off to our laboratory to craft your aligners, retainers, or brackets and wires. It eliminates the need for gag-inducing putty and is more comfortable and efficient.

Soft Tissue Laser

Close up of dental patient having their gums treated with dental laser

For many of our periodontal procedures, like FDA-approved LANAP gum surgery, we use our Millenium laser. This instrument is shaped like a small pen and emits a small beam of light from the tip of it. This can precisely and effortlessly remove severely damaged gum tissue and kill bacteria on-contact, helping control the infection and shrinking pockets of the gums. We also use our soft tissue laser for periodontal flap surgery, as it’s highly effective and allows our patients to enjoy the best results possible.

Operating Microscope

Close up of microscope in dental office

Operating microscopes allow us to thoroughly remove all bacteria from the inner chamber of infected teeth during root canal treatment, drastically minimizing the chances that our patients will require retreatment and that their tooth will become reinfected. This piece of technology is a crucial part of our practice, providing our emergency patients with much-needed reassurance that their case will be handled thoroughly and they’ll be able to enjoy lasting results.

Intraoral Camera

Gloved hands holding a thin white intraoral camera

During your routine dental checkups and problem-focused examinations, we may utilize our intraoral camera to get a more detailed, up-close view of hard-to-see areas of your mouth. This wand-like device has a camera on the tip of it that allows our dentist, orthodontist, and periodontist to take in every detail of your smile, leading to more accurate diagnoses. With it, we’re able to capture still images as well as live video footage that we can show to you on a large chairside monitor, allowing us to better explain any issues you may be facing and how our recommended treatment plan can help solve them.