Miyoko Sato Esq.

You couldn't possibly find anyone with a bigger aversion to dentistry.

His approach is professional. It is so important to him that you understand, right from your first appointment with him, the whole health aspect of your body and how dental health is the apex.

He has an artist's flair.

He has an unbelievable capacity to understand and retain conversations. He seems to remember everything you've ever told him.

Because of my fears, I always thought I wanted a quick and easy dentist, one who would get me in, do what needed to be done, and rush me out. Everything changed when I meet Dr. Salem.

He lets me know he's interested in me, not just me as a patient, but me as a person. He listens carefully.

Most important, he has made his offices one of the most relaxing places I know. The atmosphere is so calm and restful, but not overly and overtly artful and artificial. His dental chairs face out, and through an overly large window I can see trees and wildlife. I actually look forward to my appointments. Every time I visit, I feel as though I've done something good for myself.

Everyone in that office knows my name, and I know that's true for every patient he sees.

He carefully explains all my options.

He's never judgmental, unlike other dental offices I've visited where the doctor begins immediately by noting that you haven't been flossing, etc.

When I'm in the chair, I often see him furrow his brow, but it's not because something displeases him; it's because he wants to know what I'm thinking.

I feel completely safe with him, and I can see his equipment and I know he's at the very top of the technology curve.

I particularly like the fact that if I require specialty work I won't be farmed out. Dr. Salem requires the same high level of both service and quality from his colleagues and staff that he demands in himself.

When I see a specialist there, I'm greeted by the same receptionists, treated by the same dental hygienists, etc. In other words, I'm not going into a new practice where I don't know anyone and they don't know me. We've all established relationships.

One of Dr. Salem's hygienists found a buildup of plaque on my teeth during a routine cleaning. Rather than being judgmental and scolding me for not brushing better, she asked me instead, "Did you know Asians tend to have more tartar on their teeth,' then explained to me the reasons why. No dental hygienist -- or dentist, for that matter -- had ever told me that and it was nice to know that I wasn't the one at fault.

She recommended I switch to tartar control toothpaste, which I did, although secretly I thought it was probably just a gimmick. I was wrong, however, and she was correct. It cut down on my tartar buildup significantly, and I'm deeply indebted to her.

Katherine Morrison

I've had some unpleasant dental experiences in my life, causing me to develop a dental phobia. I kept trying new dentists, but none of them listened. Finally, I went to the Internet and found Dr. Salem's practice. It looked comfortable and I liked what he had written, so I went.

I was immediately struck by how up-to-date the office is with equipment and techniques. It gave me such confidence.

I recently referred my daughter to him, even though she lives on the North Shore. She'd gone back to her own dentist so many times over a single tooth that he couldn't seem to make right and was at the end of her rope. Now my husband goes, and my sister has her first appointment with him in the next few weeks.

He explains everything in such a nice manner and remembers everything, unlike one dentist I had. No matter how many times I told him that my bite is different lying down than it is sitting up, he continually took my bite lying down. As a result, my bridge was never right.

I'm on my fourth appointment with Dr. Salem now -- and it's a miracle! In the past, I was tortured by my teeth, which caused me to put off appointments and ultimately gave me a fear of the dentist.

Dr. Salem recently put in a crown next to an existing crown that's been there 30 years and it created a small open area where food would catch. It was uncomfortable to chew on that side. My previous dentist advised that I "chew on the other side." Dr. Salem, on the other hand, worked on both crowns and eliminated the hole -- and the problem -- entirely.

Denise Burnett

Superb! I'm a registered nurse, and I am very fussy customer. When I'm going to a doctor, dentist or other medical professional, I really research him or her. I want to see that the office is clean, that everyone is friendly, and that it's organized and professional.

I've been a patient in Dr. Salem's practice since January 2001 and I trust him.

I tend to have an anxiety problem and I find Dr. Salem extraordinarily calming.

From an educational standpoint, he let's you know exactly what he's going to do before he does it and why. He has an amazing way of allaying anxiety.

My first exam with him was two hours. Before he ever begins to tell you what he thinks, he wants to know from you what you want, what your hopes are, what your past experiences have been. He truly wants to know you as a person.

I call him the Dr. Phil of dentistry because he's experienced, uses state-of-the-art equipment, incorporates cosmetic dentistry into everything he does (at every visit). I just had two crowns. And he was proactive in removing the spaces. He makes such wonderful judgment calls.

Dana Floyd

I have been going to Dr. Salem since shortly after he set up his practice after school, I think. Many, many years ago a woman I worked with in Braintree MA had a daughter who was a dental hygienist and knew Dr. Salem socially somehow. She told me he had just set up an office in our office building and he was terrific. So I started going to him. This was probably in the late 1980's. Since then he's worked on practically every tooth in my head in one way or another.

I know, through experience, that Dr. Salem strives for the very highest levels of excellence in all areas of his practice. I remember having a crown done and him sending the crown back to the lab that created it once or twice because he was not happy with the fit. I honestly would have been fine with it, but he knew it wasn't perfect.

I feel that I'm always in the very best hands with Dr. Salem and everyone in his office. He has one of the best hygienists I've ever seen, and other topnotch talent as well I'm sure. I have not personally used any of the other professionals.

I continually tell my friends and co-workers about Dr. Salem. Even though I live on Cape Cod and work in Rhode Island and New York, I would never consider going to any other dentist. I'm happy to drive the extra distance to get the very best treatment available.

Apart from his talent and knowledge, I also have found him over these many years to be a compassionate and wonderful man. That speaks volumes to me as well.


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